Traditional Stucco– (Budget friendly) a blend of sand, Portland cement and iron oxide color pigments to secure the durability of the stucco. Traditional Stucco is a very easy product to work with. It is easy to repair and clean after it has been applied. It is also impervious to rot, termites, and fungus that attack not only the structure of a home but its value too. Other characteristics are fire resistant, grows stronger with age, low maintenance, durable against all weather elements, and fiberglass reinforced. Traditional stucco comes in a variety of colors from 3 major manufactures, El Rey Stucco, Omega Products, and La Habra, together they average about 45 standard colors. Traditional stucco is the most affordable method compared to the other methods while still providing an elegant appearance. 

 Synthetic/Acrylic Stucco– Our most popular selection is 100% acrylic stucco is used and applied the same way as the traditional stucco. The only difference is that synthetic stucco tends to expand or flex with the wall structure meaning that the chances of hair line cracking is slim especially when the fiberglass mesh is installed. Synthetic stucco is a realistic maintenance free product that will stay as beautiful as the day it was applied. Synthetic finishes have roughly about 51 standard colors and the possibility of requesting custom colors to fulfill the customers color desire along with 6 different types of textures. The synthetic finish can be applied over Portland cement base coats and EIFS systems. Please note that synthetic stucco was developed as a crack resistant finish, not as a crack proof system.

Traditional Stucco 

Synthetic Stucco 
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